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Neglected Plots

Dear Members,

The subject of neglected plots has been raised by many members in the past year and was discussed at the AGM in May 2016. We now have a new official process to deal with such situations. Please see a summary of the process below:

Initial contact:

Site rep contacts plot holder by phone/ email to discuss if everything is ok. If unwell, arrangements can be made to accommodate. If not, a discussion on when they will next be on their plot to cultivate or a site meeting requested to discuss. A timescale for improvements is discussed and agreed.

Warning letter:

If the plot continues not to be cultivated, a warning letter is emailed and posted (hand delivered). 21 days are given to respond. An action plan is put in to place with an agreed set date to work towards. Please see Template letter attached.

Termination letter:

If no response to the warning letter, or the agreed work plan is not actioned within the agreed timeframe, a Termination letter is issued. Emailed and posted (signed delivery). Please see Template letter attached.

I hope you agree this is a fair way to proceed going forward. Importantly, it ensures communication between site reps and plot holders is the first point of contact, and a fair and amicable conversation takes place to address the situation.

Kind regards

EHGC Committee


EHGC Warning Letter
EHGC Termination Letter