East Harpenden Gardening Club
* providing ALLOTMENTS for harpenden people.

Sheds and Polytunnels 

Tenants are allowed to erect a shed or a polytunnel on their plots, subject to the following conditions, which have been laid down by Harpenden Town Council.

For sheds, tenants are requested to seek agreement from the committee before erecting the shed.

To this end, you are required to complete a form obtainable from the allotment shop.  For polytunnels, no such agreement is sought.

The specifications shown below are a guideline.  Please obtain the latest details from the shop first.


- Size, 4ft wide x 6ft long, maximum height 4 metres.

- All sheds must be of the same apex design (double pitched roof).

- Construction, purpose built timber.

- Base, timber (no permanent hard bases).

- Only one shed per plotholder which must be sited within the cartilage of the plot and must not inconvenience any other plotholder.

- The plotholder is entirely responsible for all aspects of security and safety.

- Sheds must be well maintained and kept in good order by the use of natural colour wood preservative.

- Sheds can only be used for storage purposes and under no circumstances is anyone to sleep inside a shed.

- All sheds must be removed on termination of the tenancy at the plotholders expense.

- No livestock can be kept in any shed.

- No hazardous items or chemicals may be stored in any shed.


- The framework can be wood, metal or plastic.
- The framework covering to be some form of polythene; no glass or rigid glass substitutes allowed.
- The framework must sit on the ground without any permanent solid base.

- Maximum of 1 polytunnel per plotholder.

- Size: maximum dimensions, 2m wide x 3m long x 2m high.
- The plotholder accepts all liability for the structure.
- The plotholder will remove any structures at the end of their tenancy or when asked to do so by the committee.
- No chemicals or implements to be left or stored within the structure.
- The structure must be well maintained and not be an inconvenience to adjacent plot holders.