East Harpenden Gardening Club
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November at your allotment


Pick up your Dobies catalogue and Scottish seed potato order form from the shop.

To take advantage of the fantastic members group discount, order forms should be returned to John Hope at the shop.

The last date for orders is Sunday 6th December.




The priority job of the month is to clear and tidy up the allotment of any old crops in preparation for next year.

Don’t leave the remains of summer crops to rot and harbour diseases.

Clear away all apples. Even if you don't want them, don't leave any on the tree or any windfalls to rot on the ground over winter. Rotting apples may result in canker or brown rot – a widespread fungal disease.

Digging the soil in November, before it freezes solid, exposes soil pests to foraging birds, and disturbs weed growth.  Blitz small areas at a time and use a small spade that only allows you to lift a certain volume of soil, both suggestions so that you don't hurt your back.


Start to harvest winter cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leeks and parsnips.  Wait until after a frost for the parsnips because the chilling effect turns the starches into sugars gives them their natural sweetness.


Pick the Brussels sprouts working from the bottom of the stalk upwards to make sure that all of the sprouts get a chance to swell.  At the same time snap off any yellowing leaves at their base to ensure that there is good air circulation around the plants.  It also makes the sprouts easier to pick on cold, wet and frosty days.


Sowing & Planting


Now is a good time to plant new fruit trees and bushes. Soft fruit bushes can also be moved now if needed as well.

Last chance to plant garlic.  The cloves will establish good root systems before the winter sets in.

Plant daffodil and tulip bulbs.

Advice courtesy of The National Allotment Society